Vildvin Lila fabric

799.00 kr

Pattern: Vildvin Lila.
Material: 90% Cotton, 10% Linen.
Weight: 250g /m2.
Print width: 137 cm.

The pattern is inspired by the beautiful and lush Virginia Creeper (Vildvin in Swedish) climbing and tumbling down the old stone houses and walls in Visby, and comes in a green or purple version. 
Design: Emma Prowse, 2019.

The fabric has a natural linen structure, with a slight variation in fibre thickness. The pattern may vary from the product pictured, depending on where the length ordered is placed in relation to the repeat on the by-the-meter fabric. Some colour variation may occur.

Washing: 30° C. Gentle wash only. Avoid detergents with bleach. Shrinkage: 3-5 cm.